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Central Government

New Zealand government tightens privacy laws

New Zealand government tightens privacy laws to protect personal information. Proposed changes to Privacy Act strengthen powers of the Privacy Commissioner. Fore-shadows stronger investigative powers. Require agencies to “fix problems” involving breaches.

Government Cloud

Australian State government leverages cloud to deliver savings

Queensland’s Minister for Information Technology, Ian Walker, announces a ...

Government Cloud

Australian State Government reinforces support for cloud, mobility and big data

The Victorian government’s just-released ICT strategy (2014-2015) reinforces support ...

31 October 2013 | News

Government fails to harness public data, warns Australian Productivity Commission

Australia’s independent advisory body, the Australian Productivity Commission warns that government’s vast repository of public data is not being used to full advantage. With spending topping AU$ 398 billion, there is a disconnect between an inter-agency sharing of data, policy formulation and allocation of budgets.

24 October 2013 | News

Noted UK authority shares new insights into the web

Dame Wendy Hall, a noted Web authority, shares insights about a global resource that features more than 15 billion “pages” of hyper-linked information, and touches all aspects of modern communication.

22 October 2013 | News

Australia targets tax crime through global data-sharing initiative

The Australian Taxation Office targets tax crime through a data-sharing initiative featuring key revenue-collection agencies in the US, UK and regional counterparts. Initiative is supported by Australian Treasurer, Mr Joe Hockey.

18 October 2013 | News

Victorian government rolls out AU$11 million cloud project

Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries fast-tracks investment in cloud services under an AU$11.5 million contract. Project taps into hosted services, built around a user-pay utility model.

15 October 2013 | News

Global systems vulnerable to new generation of attacks, warns study

Global ICT systems vulnerable to new generation of cyber-attacks, warns study by Information Systems and Audit Control Association. Poll of 1,500 security professionals says advanced persistent threats compromise national security and economic stability.

14 October 2013 | News

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs tenders for network upgrade

Canberra-based Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade tenders for a raft of network procurement upgrades. Industry submissions are invited from 15th November. Upgrades encompass modernising global networks, and boosting unified communications capability. Nearly AU$ 715 million assigned for total programmes and projects.

11 October 2013 | News

Australia Post spends AU$ 71 million to modernise parcel tracking system

Australia Post modernises parcel tracking network under an AU$ 71 million project. Initiative beefs up investment in digital platforms, while fast-tracking internet, online and mobile apps for consumers.

1 October 2013 | News

Sri Lanka and Council of Europe cooperate on cybersecurity

The Council of Europe and ICT Agency of Sri Lanka are collaborating to train South Asian law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges in the field of cybercrime and electronic evidence.

30 September 2013 | News

Dubai transport authority enables payment with mobile device

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority has released its ‘Smart Nol’ service allowing public transport commuters to use their mobile devices to pay for trips on Dubai’s metro, buses and water buses.

30 September 2013 | News

Royal Canadian Mint showcases digital money project at GovCFO Forum Australia

The Royal Canadian Mint’s foray into a “digital money” pilot project is being showcased at the industry’s 3rd Regional GovCFO Forum Australia being held Monday 2 December in Canberra. Mr Marc Brûlé, the Mint’s chief financial officer, shares insights about financial innovations.

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