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Central Government

New Zealand tightens data protection policy

New Zealand government establishes high-profile data protection body, advising key Ministers and policy heads about the collection, sharing, and use of personal data by business and government.

Central Government

Australian Government CIO resigns

Glenn Archer, the Australian GCIO, resigns role, confirming 3rd February ...

Public Safety

Western Australia launches shark tracking web portal

Western Australian government modernises web portal, offering up-to-the-minute access to ...

30 September 2013 | News

Royal Canadian Mint showcases digital money project at GovCFO Forum Australia

The Royal Canadian Mint’s foray into a “digital money” pilot project is being showcased at the industry’s 3rd Regional GovCFO Forum Australia being held Monday 2 December in Canberra. Mr Marc Brûlé, the Mint’s chief financial officer, shares insights about financial innovations.

30 September 2013 | News

Implementation of India’s e-district project underway

India’s 640 districts serve as the face of the Government with most government-to-citizen interactions occurring at this level. The Union Government has undertaken a nationwide project to modernise governance in the districts.

27 September 2013 | News

India framing national mission for ICT in education

The Government of India is developing a National Mission on ICT aiming to create a national IT platform connecting all schools, providing students and teachers with opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge.

27 September 2013 | News

Sri Lankan geological agency to upgrade ICT infrastructure

Geological Survey and Mines Bureau, Sri Lanka’s leading agency for mapping geology and exploring mineral resources, is to upgrade its ICT infrastructure to facilitate better reception and dissemination of updated seismic data.

26 September 2013 | News

Integration of e-commerce laws crucial for ASEAN economy

While ASEAN countries have made much progress in the areas of e-transactions and cybersecurity, work remains to strengthen data protection and privacy laws, and building capacity among policymakers and users, states a UNCTAD report.

26 September 2013 | News

Australian beach safety app to save lives

Queensland, Australia has announced the release of a smart phone app providing residents and visitors with access to real-time beach and water safety information in 72 languages, aiming to prevent drowning accidents in the 12,000 Australian beaches.

26 September 2013 | News

Indian state takes property documents online

The Maharashtra State Government in India is coming out with a web service next month for property owners to conduct property-related transactions, access reports of all past registered transactions and copies of registered documents online.

25 September 2013 | News

Thailand engages citizens to smoke out corruption

Citizens of Thailand can now actively take part in the country’s fight against corruption through an anti-corruption website launched by the Office of the Auditor General last week.

25 September 2013 | News

New Zealand launches health advice mobile app

Residents of New Zealand can now access health advice for free with the new Healthline Symptom Checker mobile app.

25 September 2013 | News

Vietnam’s capital enhances e-tax filing service

Marking significant progress in Vietnam’s e-government services, more than 75 per cent of businesses in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, have declared their taxes online this year. The city tax department is also roping in banking outlets to further enhance delivery of its online tax filing service.

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