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India launches national environment portal

Sam Pitroda, Chairman of India’s National Knowledge Commission, has launched the India Environment Portal, a one-stop information resource centre aimed to promote informed decision-making and environmentally sustainable practices.


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The portal, an initiative of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and promoted by the National Knowledge Commission, is accessible at, where users can find news, feature articles, opinions, data, reports and documents, book abstracts, and links to institutions and government bodies.

Much of the information on environment organised and made public by the portal is regularly produced by research institutions, government agencies, NGOs, and the mass media, among others. In addition, the massive resources of the CSE have been made public in the first phase of the portal’s development.

People are also able to access updated information on latest developments, policies and resources on the portal. Together with news and events, the portal features an indepth section, with backgrounders, analysis and other resource materials on specific subjects.

All the resources in the portal are manually tagged using a thesaurus of more than 7000 environmental and geographic terms, allowing users to track each resource by subject, location, and the agent involved.

The portal has been developed using an open source content management system. It is also integrated with a search platform, giving users the ability to search across multiple classifications and locate the resource they want quickly.

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